Medical Care and Waste Management: Big Data in Action [Roundup]

Posted by Justine Holt on Sun, Jul 19, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

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benefits-of-statistical-process-control-1.jpgMITRE: Harnessing Big Data One Organization At a Time

Precision is key and MITRE Corporations understands that better than anyone. MITRE, being a corporation specializing software widely used by the government, has a hand in Homeland Security. Security technology is needed to obtain better mapping-technology choices. Even though current technology makes it easier than ever to navigate locations via GPS, it’s not good enough for Homeland Security use.

Carrie Muenks, the geospatial expert at MITRE, recognizes that the systems are in need of advancements. Since precision locating is important to security organizations, MITRE’s Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute (HSSEDI) developed an assessment framework to sort through the options, distractions, and specific challenges. Chuck Lewis, a MITRE authority on Big Data, says, “Government agencies want to harness Big Data to tackle a host of issues, including counter proliferation, counter terrorism, cybersecurity, fraud detection, and prevention." To read more on how geocoding addresses Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to harness information for security organizations click here.

Aside from security, MITRE has been able to utilize its software for the greater good. Across the country, hospitals and health care professionals have been trying to prevent further threatening health risks. MITRE Corp research center, the non-profit federally funded organization, recently teamed up with Boston Children's Hospital to better help those in need.

Boston Children’s Hospital and MITRE Corp alike recognize the potential power that Big Data extraction holds to extend patient safety and control risk. Through the use to Big Data extraction- using electronic health records, safety event reports, physiologic monitors, and more- the it planned to use this data to anticipate and address the needs of its patients. Laura Wood, RN, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, says, “There is a significant opportunity to apply Big Data analytics to reduce preventable harm in health care. It’s a complex undertaking, but we think we’ve already demonstrated that there’s value and potential to gain insights that couldn’t otherwise be gained around pattern recognition and opportunities to reduce harm." With many health officials on board with the Big Data shift, a bright future holds strong ahead. To learn more about Big Data advancements in the medical field click here.

An Intelligence Technology Reformation Legacy

Brian Simmermon has been an invaluable asset and an innovatively thinking employee since he joined Subaru nearly ten years ago. His first position in the company, as chief information officer, he planned a five year strategy to simplify the company’s IT system. In doing this, he replaced more than 90% of the company’s technology to better stream data. As a result, sales increased from 4 billion to more than 10 billion in a five year period.

Simmermon claimed there was a vast abundancy of duplicity amongst the company’s IT system. Simplifying it took nearly four years, and multiple trials and errors. “When it came to the technology infrastructure, we had a lot of varying systems that had been put together with an attempt at best of breed, but as you build best of breed, you need to also maintain best of breed. And I think over the years, we may have had the best systems in places, but we didn’t keep up with the care and feeding and upgrades.”

Through an extensive two-year stretch of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, Simmermon was able to push forth the IT changes in the IT system which in total took four years. To read more on how combining Big Data and ERP helped transform the Subaru system, click here.

IBM Research-Africa Tends to Nairobi 

Evans Ondieki, Executive Committee Member & Minister for Environment, Water, Energy, Forestry & Natural Resources, Nairobi County, approved over-time pay for Nairobi Solid Waste Management Department workers. Ondieki wanted to further understand why the workers were only able to make one trip per day. Aisha Walcott, Team leader-Mobility Team at IBM Research of Africa, expressed concern of the traffic jams and the workers’ capability to navigate through it. Walcott explains, “We’re building a first of a kind solution specifically to the African context. We can fix it together because we are here on the ground working.”

The workers are tending to the waste produced by five million people and multiple counties in the country of Nairobi. They experience long days with not much progress to report. IBM Research has come up with a solution to further recognize the cause of this problem. What IBM plans to do is use a recording device attached to waste vehicles in order to collect and send data to IBM’s Big Data analytics back end. This allows IBM to better manage and assist. This will reduce the time workers spend on forming reports and also reports what slows them down: the landscape.

Through this device, IBM plans to record data transmitted through the waste vehicles and find where on the daily routes the workers are meeting difficulties achieving punctuality. By combining this data to IBM’s Big Data analytics, it will be able to easily recognize issues and address them accordingly. Watch the video below to find out more on Nairobi’s council’s and IBM Research’s efforts. 



Scneider Electric Adopts New Software Platform 

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, launched the Performance Analytics as a new suite of functionality within its StruxureWare Resource Advisor software platform. For Schneider Electric to become more sustainable, it needs to understand how its facilities consume resources on a site-by-site basis with enough detail to find inefficiencies and fix them. The functionality of the software platform, Resource Advisor, has a powerful set of capabilities that allows monitoring of energy and carbon markets, manage key sustainability metrics, and report results to stakeholders. Performance Analytics allows Resource Advisor to collect and analyze data in near-real-time interval data from a variety of sources. To learn more about the StruxureWare Resource Advisor software platform click here.

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