5 Maneuvers to Drive a Culture of Quality [Infographic]

Posted by Dan Jacob on Fri, Dec 16, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

Many companies that want to differentiate with quality need a clear picture of Supplier Quality Management (SQM) practices across industry. Use this insightful infographic to understand and communicate the total value of quality. Learn how your company can gauge SQM maturity, who can help you along the way, and strategies to transform Quality from a department and bake it into your company’s culture. 

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What System Should Own Our Quality Data?

Posted by Dan Jacob on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

Companies have grounded their corporate image around the concept of pervasive quality and dependability arguably from the origins of advertising. Delivering good quality and dependability does require a pervasive approach, with universal processes, culture and data. It’s no wonder that one of the most frequent questions is “What system should own our quality data?”

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5 Strategies to Achieve Quality Improvement with the IIoT

Posted by Dan Jacob on Tue, Dec 08, 2015 @ 11:31 AM

According to LNS Research data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) seems poised to gain widespread adoption soon, as 37% of 685 respondants expcet to invest in IIoT in the next 12 months. This is more than three times larger than the total population of companies that previously invested! While exciting, this means that a large portion of the market will be deploying IIoT with no or limited experience,

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Handing Over the Keys to Quality: IQS User Conference 2015

Posted by Rob Harrison on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 11:20 AM

This year’s IQS user group conference was a big deal, and not because LNS had the opportunity to present on the second day. It served as the launch pad for IQS’ next generation Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) platform known as Trubox™.

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Tianjin Explosion Suspends Operations, Highlights EHS Concerns [Roundup]

Posted by Justine Holt on Sun, Aug 16, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Intelex Receives $CAD 160 Million Investment Led by JMI Equity

Intelex, a provider in Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and quality management software, secured $CAD 160 million in investments earlier this week, led by JMI Equity, a growth equity firm focused on software and services investment.

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Mitigating Supply-Chain Risk, OEE in Packaging, The Future of Global Manufacturing, and more...

Posted by Natalie Tarutis on Sun, Jun 23, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

What do a panel of industry experts forecast for the changing global manufacturing industry? How effectively can quality management software oversee the actions within your supplier network? Or, is measuring overall equipment effectiveness really as easy as they say? Gain valuable insight into these pressing questions below.

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5 Key Steps to Implementing Enterprise Quality Management Software

Posted by Matthew Littlefield on Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 11:33 AM

Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) is a solution that touches numerous parts of the value chain—engineering, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, service and more. Because success for such an implementation depends on delivering both business value and compliance across a broad set of stakeholders, it can be a great challenge for many organizations.

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Supplier Quality Management: A Risk Based Approach

Posted by Matthew Littlefield on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 04:26 PM

In our modern economy, business decisions are made based on the forces of the global supply and demand network. In many cases, outsourcing just for cost savings is no longer an optimal strategy; rather market leading companies are trying to balance a diverse set of needs across a global network, which includes responsiveness, quality, and innovation as well as cost. In such an environment, many companies are attempting to engage in off-shoring, near-shoring, and on-shoring strategies all at the same time. So what steps do executives need to take to excel and lead in such an environment?

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Quality Risk Management | A New Perspective

Posted by Matthew Littlefield on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 12:29 PM

This week LNS Research had the opportunity to be briefed by two solution providers that are taking a new approach to the Quality Management space. In both cases, these companies have put Risk at the center of their solutions. One described their solution as Quality Risk Management (as a subset of Operational Risk Management) and the other as Operational GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance).

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