FREE eBOOK: The Global State of Manufacturing Operations Management Software -- Weaving the Digital Thread

Global MOMAcross manufacturing industries today, pressures on cost, supplier networks complexity, regulatory requirements, and customer demands continue to grow, rendering the operational status
quo ineffective.

Leading manufacturers are handling this challenge by weaving the "Digital Thread" -- an end-to-end connectivity strategy
that spans the value chain with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software applications and leverages new enabling technologies like Mobility, Cloud, and Big Data.

This eBook explores this topic more in depth. Specifically, it covers:

  • How manufacturers should view the value chain in 2014
  • How Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, and IoT technologies are advancing MOM capabilities
  • The quantified benefits of a platform MOM approach
  • Current and future trends around MOM software adoption
  • Actionable recommendations for manufacturers

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