On Tuesday, August 21, LNS Research hosted the webcast, “Solution Selection: Choosing the Right Asset Performance Management 4.0 Partner.” The presentation explained how companies can use the APM 4.0 Solution Selection Guide to make a shortlist of potential vendors to support the company’s Digital Transformation initiative.

Access the on-demand recording and presentation slides now to learn:

  • What is APM 4.0 and why is it a critical component of Industry 4.0
  • How to develop a core set of APM 4.0 functional requirements
  • How to use the LNS Solution Selection Guide to choose the right APM 4.0 vendor
  • Why the LNS 3P Model (Positioning, Presence, and Potential) is the best first step for vendor evaluation
  • What are the analyst-prescribed best practices for solution selection
  • Recommendations to ensure best fit and successful implementation of an APM solution