Top executives often do not see strategic value in quality management as compared to sales, engineering, or manufacturing, and quality leaders often lack the tools necessary to build a compelling business case for the executive team. As a consequence, in many organizations quality is a silo and is perceived as the “quality police,” resulting in low quality management maturity. However, our research shows that when quality leaders get top level support from corporate executives, the number of quality best practices jumps by a factor of 2.97x.

eBook: Quality Management in The Board Room: Building Business Case for EQMS caseAccess this eBook to learn:

  • The six steps to building a strong business case and winning executive sponsorship
  • What is a business case journey and how quality can benefit from it
  • Which metrics can be used to describe the connection between quality operations, executive priority, value, and costs
  • How to gather evidence that correlates specific quality practices and processes with corporate goals and financial metrics
  • How executive support clears the path to higher Operational Excellence maturity
  • Actions quality leaders can take to improve the perceived value of quality