45% of industrial organizations are already engaged in an IIoT program, and another 23% of companies expect to launch programs within one year.

The manufacturing industry has come a long way - from the start of mass production, to computing power, and now the arrival of Digital and Industry 4.0. Organizations are inundated with talks of Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, industrial analytics, Edge and Cloud, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), and Digital Twin. Everyone is focused on Industrial Transformation and often on a business shift enterprise-wide or beyond. The reasons for change vary widely — enable new business models, establish greater operational efficiencies, empower the workforce, and more.

Today, digital technology is no longer hype but a necessity to remain competitive. However, companies often struggle to translate strategy into tactics throughout the plant:

  • How can digital technologies accelerate continuous improvement?
  • Which industrial analytics are the right ones to drive performance improvements?
  • How can the organization use data from multiple sources to make meaningful decisions?

Download this Research Kit to understand how digital tech drives enterprise-wide performance and impacts powerful decisions. The kit includes free access to:

REPORT 1: Improving Continuous Improvement: Reinvent Lean Today with Digital Technology

REPORT 2: Analytics Really Do Matter: Driving Industrial Transformation and the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

REPORT 3: Converting Data to Decisions: How Industrials Unleash Data with User Experience