On Thursday, October 19, LNS Research hosted the webcast, “1-2-3 to Digital Transformation With MES: Manufacturing Operations, Maturity, Platform.” The presentation explained how to accurate assess and benchmark MOM against the ISA-95 model, plus other proven strategies to determine the right Digital Transformation jump-in point with manufacturing operations management.

Access the on-demand recording and presentation slides now to learn why manufacturing operations management can be the perfect launchpad to Digital Transformation, why companies can use the identical jump-off point, and which proven strategies will help them make the right choices.  You’ll also learn:

  • How to accurately assess and benchmark current manufacturing maturity – modern processes, current technology and committed people
  • Initial steps: Why MOM should serve data and connectivity for early DT programs
  • Future state: Why run the factory with manufacturing operations apps
  • Moving to IIoT – Understanding platforms that combine business and manufacturing
  • How platforms deliver process, technology and serve people