5 of the top 9 corporate strategic objectives for improving manufacturing operations are related to quality, safety, and customer or regulatory compliance.

Ebook: Driving Operational Performance: Connecting Risk, Quality and Safety for Superior ResultsIndustry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing put both quality leaders and safety leaders at a crossroads; they face risks and opportunity that come with digitalization. Even though companies have “always” run safety and quality as independent functions, the industrial sector has made a lot of progress towards the business integration of safety and quality at the enterprise level, mostly in the form of management system integration, and to a lesser extent integrating teams, processes, and enabling IT systems. Forward-thinking industrial organizations have taken a fresh approach in how their quality and safety business functions fundamentally relate to each other, and connect with people and plant equipment, systems, and processes to deliver immense strategic value throughout the enterprise.

Read the research ebook to learn why and how industrial companies integrate quality and safety management. You will learn:

  • What are the commonalities between quality and safety management across objectives, challenges, processes, organization, and technology;
  • How manufacturers use the Digital Innovation Cycle framework to manage change and improvement;
  • What it takes to extend risk, quality, and safety into operations illustrated with use cases; and
  • Which benefits to expect with an integrated approach, including strategic value, process improvement, and performance metrics.