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If companies are so eager to leverage IX, why are their EHS leaders 4, 5, or 6 times as likely to NOT be active in the IX program as their counterparts in finance, quality, operations, supply chain, and engineering?

Ebook: Futureproof EHS Management

Today, Industrial Transformation (IX) is the organizing framework companies use to secure competitive advantage, and they’re converting Operational Excellence teams to IX teams. Nearly half of manufacturers are piloting and implementing an average of ten different digital technologies to discover what works for their organization. 

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) executives must decide how (not whether) to participate in the company’s IX program. EHS must strive to deliver value into the future and resist obsolescence. This report provides EHS leaders with guidance to manage the risks inherent with transformation and futureproof the company’s EHS management systems and technology. Read this research for practical strategies and guidance to align EHS transformation with IX programs and maximize long-term value with EHS investments. Read the ebook to learn:

  • What the impact of Industrial Transformation is on EHS management
  • Which functions are ahead of EHS on the IX maturity curve and why
  • How to apply the five IX pillars to futureproof EHS
  • Why technology decisions are not “automatically” futureproof
  • Recommendations to make EHS strategic, collaborative, and digitalized