Leveraging Process Data to Improve Multi-Plant Manufacturing Performance

describe the imageAre you challenged with multiple systems within your various manufacturing plants? Are your colleagues spending too much time collecting data from disparate manufacturing systems and manipulating for analysis? If so, our upcoming Global Executive Council meeting is for you!

The LNS Research team will share how market leaders are driving visibility across global manufacturing plants. We will also be joined by Tom Braydich from Campbell's Soup Company.

CampbellScriptTom will be sharing his experiences of moving from multiple systems throughout Campbell's manufacturing plants to a centralized approach. He will also be highlighting the importance of connecting process data to improve manufacturing performance throughout the organization. Points of discussion include:

  • Understanding the Campbell's business opportunity

  • How to navigate a path to implementation consensus

  • What makes for a successful software implementation

  • What was the ROI experienced at Campbell's

  • Important lessons learned and advice 

If you are interested in joining this discussion, and learning more about The Global Executive Council, please fill out the form and a member of the LNS Research Team will contact you shortly.