28% of companies are already seeing value from IX Programs. While some companies are achieving success, why do others seem slow to capture comparable results?

Spotlight | Industrial Transformation (IX): Four Organizational Disconnects That Hinder Momentum

Industrial organizations all over the globe are planning and executing Industrial Transformation (IX) Programs to deliver a step-change improvement in their operations. However, LNS’ recent global survey results show that most companies are NOT organizing for success. This Research Spotlight drills into four “disconnects” organizations commonly face on their journey to IX success.

Read this research to learn:

  • The role of plants and operations in defining and executing Industrial Transformation
  • The impact of the new role, Chief Digital Officer, on the success or failure of IX
  • The C-Suite’s commitment to IX
  • How plant management goals impact IX
  • Recommendations to navigate organizational disconnects and achieve IX success