There is no standardized playbook for a successful Quality 4.0 program – but there are clear lessons on best-practice capabilities; those that are most adopted to achieve higher levels of maturity and ultimately maximize ROI. In this Spotlight, we will discuss LNS Research’s Quality 4.0 maturity model, examine how the market is performing, dissect a real business example, and show how executives can use this model to accelerate their company’s Quality 4.0 initiatives.

Our data shows the overall market has adopted 24% of Quality 4.0 best practices on average and has a lot more room for improvement. As such, this Research Spotlight will help you discover:

  • What are the nine elements in assessing the maturity of your Quality 4.0 program?2020-Analytics that Matter_EHSQConvergence-L5 to L1
  • How to assess your company’s maturity and how it relates to your bottom line.
  • Where organizations are lagging or are the least mature in People, Process, and Technology, and how you can ensure you don’t fall behind.
  • Which best-practice capabilities should be prioritized for investment given your organization’s current maturity level and how to maximize your ROI?

A quality 4.0 maturity assessment is a strong change management tool for companies and quality leaders to get an outside-in perspective of where they are against the market and where they should invest precious resources to increase maturity and ultimately improve business performance. To learn more, download this Research Spotlight today.