Life sciences manufacturers have been among the early to adopters of Quality 4.0. Firms in this sector are deploying Quality 4.0 use cases across the value chain, including product development, connected labs, manufacturing operations, logistics, service, and adverse event monitoring.”
Dan Jacob, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

Today 13.8% of companies have started with Quality 4.0 journey. While the early adopters enjoyed successes, they also experienced setbacks in their initiative. However, the market does not need to repeat the same mistakes indefinitely. It’s critical that the next group of manufacturers learn from early mistakes, and look to repeatable, scalable use cases as their launching point for Quality 4.0.

Read this research spotlight to define use cases that will drive Quality 4.0 for your organization and increase success rate by understanding:

  • Transformation considerations in organization;
  • Important technological building blocks;
  • Which repeatable use cases have been adopted by the market;
  • Ways to construct a multi-use case journey; and
  • How to leverage Quality 4.0 technology to transform your business