Companies that deploy Quality 4.0 connected supplier perform 22% better in new product introduction (NPI).

While manufacturers invest heavily in NPI, 44% of new products fail to meet all or even most NPI success criteria. At the heart of that failing grade is that NPI’s fundamental process health is on life support. The average manufacturer has adopted only one of the following practices enterprise-wide: clear process ownership, process harmonization, process training, clear metrics, and crossfunctional engagement. If manufacturers struggle with internal siloes, it’s no surprise that one of the leading challenges in meeting NPI objectives is collaboration with increasingly complex supplier networks.

Read this research to understand how to make NPI a high priority, and how a focus on supplier quality plays a major role in NPI success. You will learn:

  • The three challenges that hinder NPI success and the underlying forces that compound obstacles
  • How supply chain management challenges mirror NPI challenges
  • What manufacturers are doing right now to overcome obstacles
  • The NPI, quality, and manufacturing performance results leaders achieve
  • Three success steps required for NPI performance in today’s environment
  • Which use cases work, and which rate unfavorably on the value/impact index
  • Why connected supplier use cases rate high on the value/impact index
  • Recommendations to make NPI strategic, collaborative, and digitalized

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