Interested in Joining the Global Executive Council?

Regardless of the industry, it's a challenging time if you're an executive or leader responsible for the quality of products and processes. Stakeholders are looking to you for improvements in quality, cost-savings, compliance, risk mitigation, and more. And with the complexities of today's global economy, the burdens are only becoming greater.

Why Join the Global Executive Council?

LNS Research created the Global Executive Council to bring together senior-level executives from a number of disciplines across the value chain, providing them with the resources needed to overcome industry challenges. Quality leaders are benefiting from:

  • strategic networking & facilitated peer conversations
  • one-on-one analyst recommendations
  • access to industry-leading benchmark data, research reports, & case studies
  • quarterly discussions on metrics, software, risk management, culture, & other pressing challenges
  • formation of solutions and continuous improvement initiatives through thought leadership discussions


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How Can You Participate in the Council?

The above slideshare will provide you with an initial understanding of this network as well as participating companies. Fill out the form to the right in order to gather additional insight into the council, and how current members are benefiting from industrial best practices.