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2023 Connected Frontline Workforce

Use the LNS Research Solution Selection Matrix™ to Create Your Shortlist of Preferred Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) Application Vendors.

Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) has become a strategic part of Industrial Transformation (IX) initiatives as manufacturers seek to solve critical labor shortages, skills gaps, and retention issues in frontline operations.Seventy-two percent of industrial organizations report frontline workforce issues

From our extensive analysis, LNS Research has created the CFW Applications Solution Selection Matrix™ (SSM) - a comprehensive guide intended to help man­ufacturers better understand, evaluate, and even select from a shortlist of CFW technology vendors. We review several vendors within the CFW ecosystem and categorize them based on various key criteria.

Determine how solution providers stack up compared to their competition within the CFW market and whom we deem:

      • Proven Providers,

      • Front Runners, 

      • Up and Comers,

      • Innovators.

Connected Frontline Workforce Application Solution Selection Matrix

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Note: All entries in the Connected Frontline Workforce Platform Solution Selection Matrix represent the opinions of the authors based on their industry experience and their view of the information collected using the methods described in our Research Integrity Policy.

Complete the form to download the LNS Research CFW SSM Guidebook.