50% of companies have or are piloting an industrial analytics program, while another 48% of companies have it planned within 1-3 years.

For the last fourteen years, LNS Research and its predecessors published bi-annual research in partnership with MESA International on the use of data in manufacturing. Until now, the research was titled, “Metrics That Matter.” This year marks an important shift in focus, examining “analytics that matter.” This evolutionary step in the study marks an important milestone to align with how companies conduct their Digital Transformation journey. As companies begin that journey, we talk a lot about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms and applications that run on them. However, the heart of a digital enterprise is data and using it to improve enterprise-wide performance. One of the major tools we have to achieve this is analytics.

Read this research to explore the results of the 2018 Analytics That Matter survey and the unexpected (and interesting) responses. You will learn:

  • What companies measure today, and which metrics have gained traction
  • Where IIoT platforms are being used
  • How industrial analytics impact improvement initiatives and operational performance
  • Why Cloud, Edge, and other Operational Architecture elements affect analytics sophistication
  • What facts emerged about technology vendors that astonished the researchers and why
  • Recommendations for an industrial analytics program and aligning with your Industry 4.0 initiative

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