81% of companies don’t have a MES, and…
16% of companies are going to invest in one soon

Manufacturing Operations Management is a low-risk, high-value Digital Transformation entry point for manufacturers. Those that use proven strategies will pave the way for digital excellence and, in turn, Operational Excellence.

This eBook explains how for many organizations the first step on a Digital Transformation journey can be a common MOM layer to collect, share, and disseminate information. You’ll also learn why Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is not the main driver – that corporate strategic objectives lead to programs that will enable operational maturity and excellence and, ultimately, digital excellence.

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  • How to accurately assess and benchmark MOM against the ISA-95 model
  • Why there’s no such thing as “standard” MOM
  • What the true “flavors” of MOM are and what they’re capable of
  • Why “no MOM” is both a starting point and a highly capable end-state
  • If your Digital Transformation initiative is a “destination” or a “vehicle”
  • Recommendations for digital excellence and launching Digital Transformation with MOM

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