[Free Report] Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution Selection Guide

MOM TraditionalInformationLevelsToday's manufacturers are facing a number of challenges around disconnected systems and data sources. Market leaders are overcoming these challenges by making the move to next-generation manufacturing software--specifically with solutions like MES, QMS, and EMI.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software platforms are emerging as the leading way to deliver these capabilities and more. This guide goes beyond traditional MES, looking at the solutions sets of 20 leading MOM solutions providers. It provides insights into key areas such as:

  • Functionalities offered
  • Industries served
  • Geographies served
  • Time to solution value
  • Company sizes served
  • Technology development platform
  • Software delivery model
  • Integration standards supported

Fill out the form to the right to download a free copy of the guide. For more information on MOM selection or to speak with an LNS analyst regarding your current implementation process, feel free to contact us at info@lnsresearch.com.