18%  of companies have already adopted IIoT technolgies, and...

35% more are going to invest in IIoT technology this year.

Early adopters of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tech gain competitive advantage and achieve quantifiable benefits from their investment.  Yet, the number one challenge organizations face while trying to make the decision is building the business case.  Many of these companies struggle with fear, uncertainty and doubt around quantifying the potential value of applying new technologies to solve old problems.

IIoT Use CasesThis eBook contains six use cases with concrete examples and specific benefits companies have derived by implementing IIoT technologies.  Read it to help your company move away from buying on faith to investing based on proven results.

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  • Redefining Critical Assets – Pumps, Valves, and Motors
  • A New Approach to Clean-in-Place Systems
  • Creative Use of Social, Geospatial, and Asset Data
  • Managing Recipe Variation
  • Safety – Machines, Processes, and Workers
  • Smart Products and Disrupting Quality Testing
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