Quality 4.0 is how innovation leaders are capturing considerable operational and financial performance advantages. They use the latest in data, analytics, connectivity, and apps to find new insights to fuel growth.

QUALITY 40_REAL-TIME VISIBILITY OF METRICS.pngCompanies that want to use Quality 4.0 to achieve results like innovation leaders must formulate the right strategy to align with their corporate vision. Download the newest research spotlight to examine:

  • The “what” and “why” behind Quality 4.0, and the key ingredients in the next generation of tech
  • Why Quality 4.0 isn’t just about technology – it’s absolutely about how tech changes processes, compliance, culture, competencies, and collaboration
  • Why 87% of cross-functional teams don’t understand how quality advances strategic objectives, but 95% see how Quality 4.0 does
  • How to build a strategy to quickly maximize performance