SAP to Acquire hybris, 4 Trends in Mobile Audit Management Systems, Sustainability Reporting, and more...

The article included below will provide insight into the expansion of SAP's customer experience capabilities, the next generation of manufacturing software, a newly found gap in sustainability reporting, and four trends that should be considered when researching an audit management application.

SAP to Acquire hybris to Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experience

On Wednesday June 5th, SAP announced their plan to acquire hybris, a rapidly growing and widely recognized leader in e-commerce technology. So, what does this mean? As companies are highly focused on optimizing customer experience for both businesses and consumers, SAP will now be in the position to deliver a next-generation e-commerce platform for such enterprises to optimize margins along with consumer loyalty. Combined with SAP’s 360 Customer solution, this acquisition will allow SAP to more effectively help companies fully engage with their customers, raising the stakes in the customer relationship management (CRM) world. Real-time insight, real-time interaction, real-time execution.

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For an overview of SAP HANA Business Suite, Matthew Littlefield provides a description in this article published during the former announcement, deemed the most substantial in the history of the company: SAP Announces Business Suite on HANA.

Sustainability reporting & GHG reductions: the verification gap

Don Carli, President of Nima Hunter, contributed to the GreenBiz blog for the first of three articles discussing recent findings regarding corporate sustainability, climate change, and environmental management professionals. The results indicated that there is a significant gap between greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and GHG verification; “up to 25 percent of the responding companies are basing reduction targets on unverified GHG emissions totals”. Not only does this article provide an examination of the findings, but also a platform for understanding why some companies aren’t verifying their emissions, and what the verification process entails. Unveiling a gap in reporting and verification.

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As part of the LNS Research Industrial Energy Management (IEM) Framework, reporting and analytics has experienced the most innovation in the past decade. This article, The Role of Reporting and Analytics in Industrial Energy Management, breaks down reporting into four main areas: Energy Intensity, GHG Emissions, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement.

Revisiting Mobile Apps: 4 Trends in Mobile Audit Management Systems

Tim Lozier of EtQ describes the relationship between the quality management and the E,H,&S software space. Lozier defines Audit Management Software as a logical starting point for mobile, and provides four parameters for developing and/or choosing an auditing application. Learn about the benefits of a user-friendly interface, detail oriented functionalities, offline support & sync, and the differences between mobilization platforms and a mobile solution in the workplace. Read more.

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For those of you in the beginning stages of researching the realm of Audit Management Software, this blog post takes you through the traditional approaches to this strategy and into the operational benefits of automating the process, and how this can affect your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE): Reducing Risk and Improving OEE with Audit Management Software.

Next Generation Manufacturing Software Platforms Explained

As a follow up to his previous blog post regarding the future of manufacturing software, this week Mark Davidson evaluates the key challenges that future manufacturing softwares will address and discusses the role of service-based platforms in more detail. Davidson provides solid justification for moving away from traditional systems by highlighting the improved attributes that can be leveraged in days to come. Visually, Mark provides an appealing infographic that he created in order to provide depth to his drill down on the specifics of collaborating platforms. Let’s talk manufacturing software platforms.

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