Preparing for Predictive Maintenance Capabilities [ROUNDUP]

For manufacturers, the prospect of predictive maintenance is an exciting concept in cost savings and efficiency, and one that can potentially transform the way a business operates (and already has, for some). While the enabling technologies of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have a long way to evolve, there are a number of things your company can do to get on the course to being increasingly predictive that are provided in more detail at the end of this week's round-up.

Midlake infographic[Infographic ] Growing Manufacturing Through Quality Processes

Midlake Products recently shared a quality management infographic they created. While it is industry-known that ISO certification and standards are important, improving manufacturing quality doesn’t end there. This infographic outlines how manufacturers can grow their business by adopting quality practices such as Six Sigma and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

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3 Operations Habits of Highly Successful Manufacturing Companies

The team over at Apriso indicates in their latest article that smart executives build a culture of communication, innovation, and respect at their manufacturing facilities in order to achieve successful in-house operations. There's an emphasis put on improving operational efficiency by starting with employees. A discussion is provided on what experts say you should be doing to help your manufacturing abilities within the following three areas:

  • Embracing Innovation and Open Communication

  • Offering Fair Wages and Benefits

  • Respect

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GM, HP, Walmart and Others Demand Simpler Buying of Renewables

Many big name companies are fed up with the obstacles they are facing when it comes to purchasing renewable energy and meeting energy goals. So much so that they have come together and are creating a set of principles to make it an easier and more efficient process: Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles. This announcement is meant to gain attention from state and local regulators and utilities in the hopes of developing new procurement models that will assist businesses in meeting corporate clean energy goals. GreenBiz discusses this issue in full detail and it's worth a read.

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4 Things to Know Before Implementing a Predictive Maintenance Program

With so much data to analyze, and between the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), it can be overwhelming to consider how to achieve true predictive maintenance. Research Analyst Paul Leavoy takes a look at four key things you can do to implement a predictive maintenance program across the organization as well as take into account how these ideas correlate with sustainability performance (hint: there is a direct relationship between predictive maintenance and sustainability).

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