Think Cloud Manufacturing Is Unattainable? Think Again [ROUNDUP]

Posted by | Research Team | on Sun, Jul 27, 2014

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More and more small-to-mid-sized manufacturers are being drawn to the cloud due to advancing technologies, declining costs, and improving data security. We inspect that topic in this week's roundup. We also take a look into Statistical Process Control (SCP) software for managing supply chain, as well as a major acquisition in the supply chain management space this past week.

Cloud Computing ManufacturingWhy Every Manufacturer Can Think in “The Cloud”

Join in the exploration of how a manufacturer can make use of a cloud network for storing, accessing, sharing, and leveraging data from connected devices. Some of the topics touched upon in this article include:

  • How cloud data security concerns are being addressed today
  • Redefining what is possible with no-boundary technologies
  • Declining costs vs. high-end capability
  • How cloud is less resource-intimidating than other solutions

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Using SPC Software to Enhance Your Production Supply Chain

Satisfying customers on product specifications is always among the top challenges for manufacturers, especially for organizations with many suppliers. While simultaneously addressing another challenge of increased profits, manufacturers turn to make their supply chain more efficient. SPC software offers many of the tools needed to address such challenges. If you're interested in possibly selecting an SPC provider, this article will be of use to you as it provides aspects to keep in mind during that process. Read more…

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Dassault Systèmes Welcomes Quintiq

On Thursday, Dassault Systèmes announced the acquisition of Quintiq, a global leader of supply chain operations planning and optimization. The DELMIA brand adds yet another addition to its expanding portfolio since Apriso was acquired last year on the manufacturing operations side. Our team will be exploring this news further in the coming weeks, but for now, this article provides insight into Quintiq, what the company does, and how it will be brought to the table for the 3DExperience Platform. Read more…

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3 Things Helping to Elevate Industrial Energy Management Goals [DATA]

Industrial Energy Management (IEM) can play a big role for many companies in helping discover and handle the larger overall energy picture and achieve current sustainability initiatives. There are many key functions of IEM software that help manufacturers extend their efforts beyond the low hanging fruit including improved data collection, more comprehensive monitoring, and efficiency and operational effects. This recent post from Greg Goodwin discusses the challenges that manufacturers are facing around energy and how IEM solutions are creating more value. Read more…

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