MES Software: Managing Customer Demands and...Energy? [Roundup]

Evaluation and reflection: they're an important part of almost everything we do, both personally and professionally. And while earth-shattering revelations are not a weekly event, every once in a while they give us pause and remind us of something noteworthy. Case in point: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have evolved to the point that energy management initiatives are on the brink of possibility. And what of your method for manufacturing knowledge transfer at your company? Is it optimal? After reading through this week's round-up, you may not be so sure.

additive manufacturingDemand for 3D Printing Skills Is Accelerating Globally

Over one third of the most recently posted engineering jobs indicate 3D printing and additive manufacturing as valued skills. The number of ads requiring these skills has grown 1,834% in the last four years, a direct reflection of the advancements in technology. It’s no surprise that manufacturing holds the number one spot in the number of jobs available for individuals possessing knowledge of 3D printing processes. This article by Louis Columbus provides further insight into the most in-demand jobs, where to locate such postings, and which countries hold the most additive manufacturing talent. Read more…

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Using MES to Help Manage Energy? It May Be Closer Than You Think

The plant floor is a substantial source of energy use and, that being said, there are not many organizational advancements in integrating MES with energy management. Yes, there are great strides being taken in both energy management and manufacturing operations, but why not intertwine these siloed approaches? This article is thought provoking in the benefits that can be achieved by doing so, the investments to be made, and where your organization can begin tossing around ideas. Read more…

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Customer Demands Put Manufacturers on a Rollercoaster

Being faced with the challenge of adhering to the changing consumer tastes and expectations in terms of pricing, logistics, and quality, manufacturers have become experts in flexibility and the importance of adjustments. A number of best practices have been learned for allocating resources, and keeping an eye on long-term gains while embracing short-term obstacles. This infographic describes the rollercoaster ride that manufacturers often experience.

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Too Many Manufacturers Are Sending Information the Wrong Way

You’ve implemented new manufacturing intelligence applications and now all your production and process issues are easily solved, right? Not quite. In this article, APM Principal Analyst Dan Miklovic discusses how many manufacturing enterprises are using data and technology for monitoring, controlling, and resolving issues in the wrong way. Recommendations are also provided on how to free up resources on an executive level so that leaders can deliver the most value. Read more…

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