LNS Research Launches New Website

LNS Research (www.lnsresearch.com) launches its new website focused on helping Information Technology (IT) and Line of Business executives achieve operational excellence in the industrial environment. Through the website, executives will be able to access targeted research documents which include Solution Selection Guides, Best Practices Guides, Vendor Snapshots, Research Snapshots, and Market Leader Case Studies.

The LNS Research approach of Share, Learn and Improve will enable industrial executives to gain access to research by creating a profile and sharing information about their operations. While many of you have followed the LNS Research blog for the past nine months, the launch of the new website offers access to rich content and insights in your industry.

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The idea behind LNS Research is to provide industrial organizations with open access to research and benchmark data to improve operational and business performance. There is no shortage of research or analysis available to technology decision-makers today. Unfortunately, this research is almost always filtered through some lens of bias or connected to a marketing program. We believe a research approach that puts transparency front and center is better positioned to help manufacturing continuously improve. The Share, Learn, and Improve approach of LNS Research highlighted below provides transparency and builds credibility for the research.

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To gain access to the Research Library, executives will be required to create an account and complete a profile that includes sharing information about their demographics, business processes, business performance, and use of technology. This data will then be blinded, aggregated, and analyzed—always being kept 100% private. In this way, each new participant is ensured their privacy, contributes to the overall learning of the community, and gains access to unbiased research and data that would otherwise not be available.

Executives will be asked to create an account by sharing demographics and high-level corporate information. Once completed, you will have Basic Access to the growing LNS Research Library for one year. You will also be directed to your account dashboard. To gain access to additional sections of the library, you can take additional surveys. Each survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete. None of the information shared with LNS Research will be shared with any third-party or marketing organizations.


Once executives have created an account and shared their information, they will be provided annual access to the Research Library that is of relevance to them. For example, if an executive who is responsible for quality management creates a profile and answers the quality management questions, he or she will get access to all the quality management sections of the Research Library for an entire year.

With the Research Library, executives will gain access to documents published on topics that are germane to their operations. Executives will be able to find documents on industry trends, best practices, vendor landscapes, market sizing and thought leadership. Of course, members don’t have to stop with just one area of research. If that same person then decides they want access to the Sustainability Research Library, they will have to answer the Sustainability questions to gain access. The more members share, the more access to research they are offered.


The final step is where manufacturing executives can become full-fledged advisory clients of LNS Research and apply, to their own operations, what they have learned from reading the research. Large manufacturers can have hundreds or thousands of opportunities for improvement globally, but often these manufacturers do not have an accurate understanding of how they compare to peers and what performance gaps they have.

By gaining access to the LNS Research Benchmark Data Portal and the LNS Research analyst team, advisory clients are able to use our data visualization and statistical tools to conduct their own benchmark analysis on aggregated data of relevant companies. LNS Research analysts will also work hand-in-hand with clients to help them better analyze the data and assist with making sense of what it means and how it applies to a company’s specific operations.

Taking the Plunge

We hope this post has caught your attention and gives you some idea of how industrial organizations can benefit from working with LNS Research. We look forward to having you as a part of our community. Get access to the LNS Research Library by creating an account below:

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