New Industrial Energy Management Research Library Launched

energy management manufacturingAt LNS Research, we’ve been working hard to address the most pressing issues organizations are facing today. For almost two years, we’ve been translating our quantitative research and discussions with industry leading executives into a constant flow of actionable research around the areas of enterprise quality management, manufacturing operations management, and sustainable operations.

As we continue our expansion into each of these areas, we’re proud to announce our new Industrial Energy Management (IEM) Research Library and several publications that can be found within it. The IEM Research library aims provide executives with an understanding of how they can build energy management into operational excellence initiatives by optimizing key resources.  

Below, I’ll briefly discuss the coverage areas of the IEM Research Library as well as introduce some of LNS’s most recent publications. 

Research Coverage Areas 

The IEM Research Library essentially focuses on three distinct areas of industrial energy management: procurement, consumption, and reporting. These areas will be dissected in the context of the LNS Research Model of Operational Excellence, which regards the development of strategies for aligning and then optimizing people, processes, and technology. 

energy management framework

LNS Research has developed an extensive survey that is designed for professionals responsible for making energy management decisions. In exchange for creating an account and taking the survey, respondents will receive a membership to the IEM Research Library for exactly one year. The survey responses will serve as the foundation for 2013 IEM research papers.

To take the survey and gain access to the growing wealth of IEM research available at LNS, follow the link here or click the button below.  

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Industrial Energy Management Publications

Enterprise Sustainability Management: A New Paradigm Emerges

In its history, sustainability has moved from an ideology to a strategic initiative embedded into daily operations. Leaders no longer manage sustainability in a reactive and local way. Rather, in what is quickly emerging as the paradigm of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM), leaders are now developing unified information management strategies. This report lays the groundwork for our IEM research as well as other focus areas in the future such as EH&S, product stewardship, and operational risk management.

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Industrial Energy Management Best Practices Guide

For today's industrial companies, energy management is becoming more and more of a focal point. With pressures to improve performance in cost, efficiency, and other areas, many executives are looking to the benefits of IEM strategies and solutions. IEM is changing the way companies view energy management. Solutions deliver advanced capabilities for managing the procurement, use, and reporting of energy. This Best Practices Guide aims to help executives understand strategies and technology behind IEM. 

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Sustainable Manufacturing: Strategies for Energy Management

Energy management has evolved into an important focus area for manufacturing organizations around the world. This presentation was given to a group of executives by LNS Research's President & Principal Analyst, Matthew Littlefield. It illustrates how LNS approaches energy management in terms of people, processes, and technology and its relation to the LNS Research Model of Operational Excellence.

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Future IEM Research Reports

In the coming year, LNS plans to publish a number of reports to help executives improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their organizations' impact to the environment. Areas of focus will be around the following:

If you would like to participate in this ongoing research, sign up below to take the IEM survey today.

Industrial Energy Management Research

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