Manufacturing Operations Management Podcast, PTC's SLM Expansion, and other articles...

Epicor IDC Infographic Survey Small ENS 0713 2This week's industrial round up includes articles focusing on various aspects of manufacturing software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing operations management (MOM), and improving product traceability with certain IT enablers.

Manufacturers Fail to Realize the Importance of ERP’s Role in Customer Experience

This press release discusses Epicor’s announcement of a new report displaying how important a customer-oriented strategy is for leading manufacturers. The 460 respondent survey and the Get Customers Inspired: How Modern ERP Can Support Greater Customer Experience report was conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights. The findings also revealed that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are critical for manufacturers looking to improve their customer experience.  Read press release, and access report.

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PTC’s SLM Expansion: Enigma Acquisition

For those of you who have never checked out the Technology Evaluation Centers Blog, I advise that you do so if seeking the latest news within manufacturing software and technical advances. In this article, P.J. Jakovljevic discusses PTC’s recent acquisition of Enigma, a software development company specializing in delivering technical content to aftermarket service environments. Enigma will enhance the PTC service lifecycle management (SLM) portfolio. Learn more about this acquisition.

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5 Key IT Enablers for Enterprise Product Traceability and Containment

This article published on Apriso’s Manufacturing Transformation Blog discusses several key IT enablers that are instrumental to a seamless solution for responding to and preventing quality issues at the speed of business. Learn how discrete manufacturers can leverage each IT enabler to yield the most successful results from a global traceability and containment solution. These enablers include: business process management, business intelligence/big data, cloud-based technologies, collaboration/social business, and mobility. Read more.

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Gary on Manufacturing Podcast Interview with Mark Davidson

Gary Mintchell recently interviewed LNS Principal Analyst Mark Davidson on the topic of manufacturing operations management (MOM). The launch of LNS’s newest research library focused on this area sparked the conversation as Davidson leads the MOM research program. Topics touched upon during this interview include adding analysis of human capital and real-time information to the ISA95 model for analysis, cloud, and mobility.  Listen to this podcast.

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Access the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Research Library to better understand how innovative new approaches to the complex MOM landscape are being addressed in order to provide unprecedented new gains in productivity, quality, responsiveness, risk mitigation and economic value generation.

Manufacturing operations management

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