The Additive Manufacturing Revolution, Energy Efficiency, and More

additive manufacturingThe week's industrial round up includes the second part of the Tecnomatix interview series on addressing issues surrounding energy consumption, results from a recent Schneider Electric survey, and insight into the advances in 3D printing. You'll also find an article on improving product compliance and quality with risk management, and information on an upcoming executive webcast.

Tecnomatix – Strategic Directions for Our Manufacturing Customers – Part 2

This is the second of a four-part video blog series from an interview during Connection 2013 with Zvi Feuer, Executive VP of Manufacturing Engineering Solutions for Siemens PLM Software. Feuer discusses how customers express concerns in productivity, quality, and the cost of energy. He focuses on the cost of energy and energy consumption, and the tools that need to be implemented to control energy usage.

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Survey: 43% of Leaders to Invest in Efficiency Next Year

“Energy efficiency is the first and best fuel source we have to meet our nation’s growing energy demands and use our energy more effectively” - Chris Curtis, President & CEO, North America Operations, Schneider Electric reported on Schneider Electric’s newly released survey indicating that 43% of energy leaders plan on investing more in efficiency than years past. The data was collected during Schneider Electric’s Xperience Efficiency Event in June, and includes responses from 369 energy leaders in both the business and government sectors. 64% of respondents also indicated that cost savings was the biggest driver in energy management investments decisions. Full article, and more findings.

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The Coming Revolution in Additive Manufacturing

As additive printing has been used for years during prototyping, this technology has only recently started moving to the actual production floor. Being that objects are built by layer upon layer of material, there is zero waste that results, saving manufacturers quite a large chunk of change. That may only be one of the benefits for investing in this technological advancement, but, as Apriso states, that’s still too powerful to ignore. The video below was taken at the London 3D Printshow and displays some serious works of art. Read the full article here.

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Improving Product Compliance and Quality Risk Management

Although some may frown at the thought of compliance, many market leaders are actually using it as an enabler for greater quality management. In a recent LNS survey, companies leveraging closed-loop quality processes and other strategies considerably outperformed others. Interested in achieving 99% product compliance? There are various strategies and resources organizations are employing, and Mike Roberts highlights a few of them in his recent article.  

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Ebook: How to Select Quality 4.0 Technology: Align Technology to Create Market Advantage

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