Energy Metrics-OSIsoft Partnership, The Cloud vs. IT Dept., and More

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This industrial article roundup discusses how platforms are allowing U.S. commercial buildings to collectively save up to 28 billion gallons of water a year, how the evolution of cloud has changed IT departments, James: The Robotic Bartender, and trending data on manufacturing operations software. 

energy metrics dataEnergy Metrics, OSIsoft Partner on Building Resource Management Tool

OSIsoft and Energy Metrics have joined forces in providing a management tool that allows for the connection of business objectives, current initiatives, and revenue to facilities' energy, water, and infrastructure usage. Deployment is planned for facilities such as hospitals, universities, sporting arenas, airports, shopping centers, hotels, and commercial/government buildings. The integration of Energy Metrics open platform with OSIsoft’s PI System enables:

  • Real-time data infrastructure for data centers, campuses, and portfolios of intelligent buildings
  • Convergence and utilization of portfolio and asset data through the building lifecycle
  • Information silos to communicate and work together
  • Managerial ability to monitor and mitigate energy and water inefficiencies
  • Visualization and prediction of costs of real estate and energy usage relative to business initiatives
  • Continuous feedback for improvement initiatives

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Evolution of the IT Department In The Age Of The Cloud

CloudTweaks recently published an article that was written by the VP of Development at Plex Systems discussing the effect that evolving cloud-computing technologies have on internal IT departments. While cloud-based infrastructures have diminished the need for a complete IT department managing the efficiencies in multiple servers, Jason Prater describes these changes as a transformation for internal IT groups. Prater provides insights into a Tier 1 Automotive customer that has seen success in transitioning from the on-premise ERP to Plex’s Manufacturing Cloud, and how companies can adapt to the cloud. Read More.

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Robotic Bartender Sheds Light on How to Get a Drink

Meet James, the robotic bartender. An interesting segment posted by PTC this past week displays the work of roboticists and cognitive scientists in Germany, Scotland, and Greece. The video below shows how this team programmed James (Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems) to serve a drink to bar patrons.

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11 Top Manufacturing Software Investment Areas For 2013-2014 [DATA]

In response to the rapid ROI that manufacturing software applications have delivered, it’s not surprising to see organizations planning additional investments. But the current landscape of manufacturing technology is vast, and decision makers face challenges around where to start. In this article, Mark Davidson examines some of the trends surrounding MOM application adoption today and discusses how you should approach such an investment. Review this benchmark data.

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