5 Industry Infographics To Share With Your Leadership Team

Is it time for your company to implement an enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solution? Are you wondering how your industry will weather the impending manufacturing generational crisis? Curious about the top reasons process improvements are failing?

This week, in the spirit of the season, we're letting the visuals tell the story, and providing insight into these and other industry questions with the following five infographics from media outlets, vendors, industry analysts, and associations.

Feel free to check out these sources' blogs and sites for additional thought leadership on quality, engineering, and manufacturing.

Data Highlights Crisis in Manufacturing

Bill Boswell of Siemens PLM Software discusses what some may believe is an approaching crisis in manufacturing. Three variables are increasingly becoming industry concerns: the aging workforce, product and/or process complexity, and the education skills gap. His “Warning” infographic provides facts and figures on these factors, and the full article provides an explanation.

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Manufacturing Crisis Infographic Siemens

The Pulse of Global Quality

ASQ has conducted a recent research project on The Global State of Quality, which, as the name implies, is a comprehensive analysis of quality. Covering 22 countries and nearly 2,000 respondents, the research covers many important organizational areas such as standard processes, reporting, training, incentives, and customers. To access the full report, click here. The infographic below provides insight into ASQ’s top findings.

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ASQ Global State of Quality

The Value of Product Data Management

Tech-Clarity recently published the below content on Product Data Management (PDM), which is a solution that aids manufacturers in their initiatives to control, assess, and share critical product data. This infographic not only provides insight into PDM, but also covers the top performing manufacturers and effective data management results.

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Tech Clarity Infographic PDM Value

Why Process Improvement Isn’t Working

This past week, Manufacturing Geek shared this infographic on process improvement and why projects fail. While all manufacturers need process improvement strategies, the survey fueling the content displayed is geared toward the medical technology sector. 239 practitioners provided insight into the importance of defects and compliance and how MES can play a significant role in organizational success.

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PI Infographic

5 Steps to Justifying an Investment in Enterprise Quality Software

Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Quality Management Software delineates 5 steps for helping you justify an EQMS implementation. After providing some background information on the quality management software market, this infographic discusses the importance of creating a metrics baseline, identifying process and technology gaps, implementing complementary EQMS capabilities, benchmarking quality improvements, and enabling a continuous improvement environment. 

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Unlocking the Value of EQMS EQMS Campaign Infographic 675 Pixels

Quality 4.0 Research Series - Supplier Competitive Advantage

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