PTC's Acquisition of ThingWorx and the Best of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Happy New Year from LNS Research! We have big things planned for 2014, including increasing our coverage in areas in the area of industrial energy management and expanding our executive council reach to include manufacturing professionals as well as quality. The stories below reflect just a few of the things we're looking to provide insight on going into the year.

In addition, we're keeping a close eye on what's happening in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) space, which had a big shake up right at the end of 2013. Read below for more details.

PTC Acquires ThingWorx

Just before the turn of the year, PTC announced the acquisition of ThingWorx for $112 million. ThingWorx is the creator of the platform for building and running applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), which now makes PTC a major player in this emerging initiative. Tom Sears, PTC’s Technical VP of Solution Strategy, provides details on this recent announcement below and a full article can be accessed here.

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The Best of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in 2013 [eBook]

This eBook provides an overview of the key challenges faced by manufacturers in the complex industry of pharmaceuticals. Industry issues are addressed such as supply chain management and genetics as well as advice for collecting and analyzing critical data. Some of the following areas are addressed within this document: Uncommon Sense in Execution of Process Simulations, The Case for Global Supply Chain Standards, and Harnessing IT to Strengthen Relationships. Click here to download the eBook.

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Listen Up: Ten Solar Predictions for 2014

Haven’t heard of The Energy Show before? This weekly 20 minute podcast, Renewable Energy World, is dedicated to providing insight into reducing business and household energy consumption. As LNS Research plans to continue to address the topic of Industrial Energy Management throughout the next year, taking a look into solar predictions can be quite interesting. The Energy Show’s host Barry Cinnamon is a longtime advocate for renewable energy. Listen to this podcast.

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What’s to Come: LNS Research in 2014

Our team is thankful to say that we ended 2013 with successful growth in various areas, from internal development to brand awareness to research coverage. To keep the momentum, we’ve created an aggressive plan for 2014 in order to assist in the forward progress of your Operational Excellence goals. We are excited about the expansion of our Global Executive Council to include both quality management and manufacturing operations leaders, as well as our planned research studies and improvements to our operational excellence blog. Learn more about LNS in 2014.

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