Four Different Operational Excellence Paths to Explore

We focus a lot on Operational Excellence here at LNS, which we define as the optimization and alignment of people, processes, and technology recources. This week's round-up features articles that touch upon each of these operational factors to support different goals: sustainability, cost reductions, manufacturing intelligence. While the detailed steps toward achieving these goals vary widely, they all begin with a focus on aligning these key operational resources.

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6 Steps for a More Sustainable Supply Chain

sustainable supple chainIn recent years, there has been a significant push to improve supply chain operations and particularly to incorporate sustainable processes. By improving the management of the environmental, social, and economic performance within supply chain, companies can reduce costs, conserve resources, optimize processes, increase productivity, and uncover innovations. While pushing sustainability into the supply chain is a task of great complexity, not doing so may be even more of a business risk. Green Biz provides six initial steps that companies can take in order to incorporate sustainable processes. Read more.

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Managing Complexity in Software-Intensive Products: Success Stories

We have been following this article series from PTC’s Ailbhe Coughlan regarding the benefits as well as challenges in developing software-intensive products and how a systems engineering perspective may become a manufacturer’s best friends. Coughlan’s latest portion of this discussion includes how some of the leading developers of smart products are using system engineering to their advantage. Click here to learn how Continental AG, Insitu, John Deere, and Intuitive Surgical are making strategic improvements. As this is the final article for this series, be sure to review Part 1 and Part 2 on rewarding (but risky) management the complexity of smart products.

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6 Ways to Get Smart and Cut Manufacturing Costs

The manufacturing world has been changing as products have become more complex. Technologies and systems have simultaneously adapted with increased functionalities and our knowledge of implementation and usage needs to improve in order to leverage such capabilities. Companies are given the challenge of providing products to market rapidly while being conscious of cost and most importantly, quality. Total plant floor visibility is a quest that many executives are currently enduring. In Apriso’s most recent article, six areas are worth exploring to drive better efficiency within manufacturing operations. Read more.

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Delivering Actionable Intelligence with Global Manufacturing Analytics

Mike Roberts provides the manufacturing IT structure in two parts: the challenges with traditional IT architectures and how the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform approach can help overcome such obstacles and is essentials to capturing the future benefits of Big Data. Roberts provides insight into LNS Research’s MOM survey data and how it correlates with overall industrial changes and next generation software platforms. Achieving global visibility.

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