MA's First Internet of Things Week and Millennials on the Shop Floor

Technology's advancing rapidly, and so too is the manufacturing industry. We're seeing a lot of movement both publicly and privately to communicate those side-by-side advancements. And this week we're making that the central focus of this roundup. From innovations in the internet of things to resurging interest in American manufacturing, there are lots of exciting things happening.

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InternetofThingsA First? MA Governor Proclaims an Internet of Things [IoT] Week in the Bay State

Governor Deval Patrick has declared May 2-9 as “Internet of Things Week," making Massachusetts the first state to do so. The week is to be comprised of expos, forums, and panels in order to promote discussions around the emergence of new technology and to educate the audience. The location is fitting as the Bay State is the country leader in innovation rooting from companies, both well established and start-ups, focused on software, biotech, robotics, life sciences, and more. Learn about the events taking place throughout the week and how you can get involved, full article.

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Does the Movie “Transcendence” Portray the Future of the Internet of Things?

Continuing with the IoT topic, Gordon Benzie of Apriso provides insight into a recent flick and its connection with the Internet of Things. Transcendence, which hit theaters less than a month ago, questions the role that artificial intelligence plays in the future and touches upon some of the industry foresight around a Fourth Industrial Revolution. The plot begs to ask, what limitations will be (or should be) put on computing machines in the future? If you have seen the film, or even if you haven’t, Benzie’s high-level analysis of Johnny Depp’s newest project will spark the imagination. Read more.

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Preparing for Your Next ISO 9001 Management Review

The ISO 9001 series of standards is critical to managing enterprise quality processes. While many organizations understand the importance of adhering to such standard, some manufacturers only notice the relevance after an audit. This article breaks down the three types of ISO certifications, shares important facts to remember, and discusses the most common pitfalls to avoid when preparing for your next ISO review. ISO refresh.

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7 Things Attracting the Youth to American Manufacturing

It’s no surprise that a gap has been growing between manufacturing workers who are set to retire in the next 10 to 15 years and the younger generations who are moving into the industry. Despite the high degree of innovation and the consistently evolving technology landscape, millennials still have a skewed perception of life on the shop floor. Mike Roberts shares seven ways we can educate and excite this generation and perhaps fill in the gap. Read more.

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