Taking the IoT and Cloud-Computing Deeper into Manufacturing

Imagine the ability to control individual shop-floor assets, full production lines, and even an entire factory from your cell phone. Current cloud-computing solutions and the increasingly connected nature of manufacturing infrastructure and processes brought on by Internet of Things (IoT) technology are making this a reality today.

Even with such futuristic-seeming abilities a potential fingerstroke away, there are still some roadblocks and apprehension among manufacturers as this new world comes into focus: a lack of standards and security concerns prominent among them. Read on in this week's roundup to find out where emerging tech trends have us today, and what it will take to move into tomorrow.

top 10 green companiesThe Top 10 Green Companies in the World [and the U.S.]

Working alongside Corporate Knights Capital and other leading sustainability experts, Newsweek published its annual study and results on the leading green companies, both global and domestic. The world’s largest companies are rated on their sustainability environmental impacts and ranked by percentage. One key finding indicated that companies that implement a sustainability strategy throughout their organizational supply chain experience an improvement in financial performance. Top 10.

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Detroit’s New Dashboard

This Business Week article highlights how cloud-based software is improving manufacturing performance. Specifically, the discussion is focused on how Plex Systems has been busy with auto industry clientele and supporting localized Detroit manufacturing. Ralco Industries CEO Tom Gitter doesn’t know where the company would be if it wasn’t for its Web-based ERP software. Talk about having full visualization into your organization--Gitter can shut down his entire 60,000 sq. ft. auto parts facility via his Samsung Galaxy Note! Learn about this customer experience story as well as Plex’s future plans, here.

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Consumers Want to Buy “Green” Brands

Seventy percent of consumers would consider switching brands if better environmental credentials were demonstrated.

Novelis spearheaded this research initiative through nonprofit Forum for the Future. The study surveyed 3,000 individuals within the United Kingdom, United States, and Poland. What’s Novelis’ motive? Gaining consumer insights into its product, Evercan, aluminum sheeting that's certified to contain no less than 90% recycled material. The results highlight how sustainable packaging adds brand value. Learn more.

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What's Needed to Accelerate IoT in Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industries are becoming increasingly excited about the idea of having all devices connected and collaborating via the Internet. Here at LNS Research, we believe Internet of Things (IoT) technology is now in its early adoption phase. Having said that, we do have some ideas on how to accelerate the process in the future. Read more

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