Looking to the Future of Manufacturing Resources [ROUNDUP]

From the skills gap to the emergence of new technologies and management methodologies, there's a lot to keep up with in manufacturing. And as we've passed the half-year mark, it's important to reflect on the past but also keep an eye on the future. This roundup helps you do just that.

describe the imageWhy the Manufacturing Skills Gap Is Serious

This article is part of IMPO’s 2014 Jobs Report. The manufacturing skills gap is not a new topic discussion among industry personnel. For the past four years, skilled trade positions ranked number one for most difficulty in filling. Why? It has a lot to do with the Millennial generation’s perception of the industry and a skills-job match. Learn how educational institutions, government sectors, and businesses are working to develop the skills needed to fill vacant manufacturing jobs. Read more…

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[Free Webinar] Analysis Paralysis: Finding the Metrics That Matter in Your EHS Data

"Is an abundance of metrics actually impairing our capacity to extract and act on the most important business intelligence?"

This 30-minute webinar explores this question further with Fraser Dickie and Graham Campbell, both experts in performance, risk and compliance software. Dickie and Campbell will help you avoid common metrics pitfall and will provide guidance on how to discover critical KPIs for improved business performance. The discussion covers:

  • Determining whether you/your business are actually suffering from an overexposure to business intelligence.

  • How to identify the most critical KPIs, as well as leading and lagging indicators.

  • Creating a framework for ensuring data analysis is effective and insightful.

  • Making informed decisions based on the most insightful data, and more…

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Share Your Expert Advice on Operational Excellence

We're interested in hearing about what Operational Excellence means to you, as it resonates differently with everyone. This project aims to help better define the term as well as inspire others to institute Operational Excellence initiatives of their own. Select respondents will be highlighted as industry thought leaders in an upcoming LNS Research publication. Tell us what you think!

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IoT to Revolutionize Aircraft Industry

This article from PTC discusses how General Electric is making strides in aircraft industry improvements with the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). Syncing its systems with IoT applications facilitates capturing large amounts of flight data. What’s the goal of doing so? By analyzing this information, the drive is to reduce fuel costs, shorten flight times, and improve overall efficiency – only made possible due to the giant strides in technology. Learn more…

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