The Right Ingredients for Manufacturing and IT Success [ROUNDUP]

It's hard to believe, but 2015 is little over two months away, which means it's time for the tech and research communities to dust off their crystal balls. Along with our summary of noteworthy occurrences in the world of manufacturing, in this week's roundup we take a peek at what some of the strategic trends likely to dominate conversation will be going into next year...

manufacturing corrective actionsA Recipe for a Winning Process Manufacturing ERP

This report published by Mint Jutras stems from a 2014 ERP Solution Study that evaluated nearly 300 manufacturers’ ERP status, challenges, targets, and benchmark performance. Mint Jutras includes benchmarking data to compare with leading manufacturers, key target improvement areas, advice for justifying your technology investment, and more. Learn why it's essential for today’s manufacturers to look beyond traditional ERP solutions here.

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Industrial Wearable Devices Are Coming

In the past several years, as consumers we have experienced the increased use of everyday wearables such as health monitoring wristbands and Google Glass. This discussion takes the idea of wearable devices into the industrial setting. For instance, an operator with a smart wrist device will be tracked upon entering the plant perimeter and given work instructions based on that day’s schedule and production needs. That example simply skims the surface of what is capable and how wearables can improve quality, efficiency, plant capabilities, employee engagement, and more. Read more…

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Top 10 Strategic IT Trends for 2015

Strategic technology trends are defined as having the ability to result in vast organizational changes and improvements. As always, our team enjoys learning how other experts view future industry landscapes – in this case, it’s Gartner’s IT analysts. As highlighted in Forbes, below are the 10 information technology trends that they believe to be important in the year to come. Do you agree?

  1. Computing Everywhere
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. 3D Printing
  4. Advanced, Pervasive, Invisible Analytics
  5. Context-Rich Systems
  6. Smart Machines
  7. Cloud/Client Architecture
  8. Software-Defined Infrastructure and Applications
  9. Web-Scale IT
  10. Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection

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5 Key Considerations for Your MES Software Selection Project

It's not a secret that many circumstantial and often daunting factors come into play during an organization’s entire MES adoption or improvement initiative. Based on our industry knowledge, there is significant momentum behind multi-site Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementations. Since this undertaking is top of mind for many members of our community, this article shares five high-level pointers to sway you in the correct direction as you embark on your MES selection process. Read more…

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