FDA Improves Rules & Airbus Opens Manufacturing Plant [Roundup]

FDA Cracks Down on Food Manufacturers

The FDA released a statement confirming that it will be changing the top two, out of seven, rules regarding food manufacturing that serves people and animals. For food and beverage manufacturers, this means investing time and money to comply with the improved regulations.

The update was brought on by an excessive outbreak in salmonella and listeria. There have been nearly 400 cases of people being hospitalized, some resulting in death, due to foodborne illnesses as a result of faulty manufacturing recorded in 2014. The FDA is striving for this update to bring the ability to maintain traceability and prevent a bacterial widespread amongst manufacturers, rather than spending the money to fix a problem when the damage is already done. To read more about the precautions the FDA has taken and why click here.

DOE to Improve Smart Manufacturing Efficiencies

The Department of Energy has gained attention from an announcement earlier this week that it is now accepting applications and proposals for the next new clean energy tactic. The organization has set aside $35 to $70 million to support the Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute. The institute is set to concentrate on smart manufacturing that will improve clean energy.

The DOE hopes to accomplish an increase in energy efficiency by 15% in manufacturing and energy productivity by 50% through the smart manufacturing technology they hope to develop at the institute. The deadline to enter proposals is January 29th, 2016. To read more about how the DOE is becoming involved in smart manufacturing click here.

Airbus to Increase U.S Manufacturing 

Airbus airlines is happy to announce its partnership with Mobile, Alabama as it opens its first U.S based manufacturing plant, costing nearly $600 million. The manufacturing plant will be capable of building A319, A320, and A321 jetliners. The new facility is expected to maintain nearly $3,700 full-time jobs 

Tom Enders, the Airbus Group parents CEO, stated, “We are just getting started. Let’s bring the best products to the world’s biggest market. Let’s work together. Let’s win by combining talent and tenacity.” To become more informed about the new manufacturing facility click here.

EHS Concerns from 2014 Increased Fatalities

The U.S Labor Department showed data from 2014 that reflected the significant increase of fatalities in the workplace. The information mostly reveals numbers from private sector good production facilities. The increase in fatalities showed to have a 9% rise since 2013.

At LNS Research, we understand each manufacturing industry has its own environmental, health, and safety (EHS) concerns, but there are precautions that can be taken in all ranges of production. To learn mow about how you can approach your EHS concerns click here. To read more on data concerning the fatality statistics recorded from the U.S Labor Department click hereNew Call-to-action

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