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FDA Acts on Poor EHS & New IoT Solution by Kepware [Roundup]

EHS Concerns with Listeria Outbreak

In a strong suspicion of listeria contamination, the U.S recalled nearly 5,000 cases of frozen and processed crab products. The manufacturer that processed and packed the crab, Rome Packing Company Inc., based in East Providence, Rhode Island was under a close inspection, followed by bacterial testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The FDA had reasons to believe, aside from the testing, that the crab products were carrying life-threatening bacteria. It reported that Rome Packing Company was cross contaminating raw and finished crab products, while carrying out processes in unsanitary conditions. Due to the evidence of poor Environmental, Safety, and Health (EHS) management, the FDA and U.S Marshal’s Service seized the products from a cold storage location in Massachusetts. The United States Attorney, Carmen M. Ortiz commented on the mishap, “In partnership with the FDA, we are working to ensure food safety. Lax sanitary practices in the preparation and storage of food products endanger public health. Where necessary we will intervene to prevent contaminated food from reaching consumers.” To read more about the poor EHS and quality management of processed crab, click here.

Kepware Introduces New IoT Solution

Kepware Technologies released a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution, a software that will support IoT deployments. The IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX® version 5.19 streams real-time data in cloud-based software platforms for real-time big data analyticsThe IoT Gateway features a special customization by utilizing over 150 communication procedures supported by the KEServerEX platform. Based on organizational needs, the software is able to conducts data collection by the thousands and stream real-time big data, and allows users to choose their specific vendors and communication techniques.

The software is expected to be cost efficient for companies due to its plug-in structure, and customizable automation settings. The CEO of Kepware, Tony Paine commented on the software during its release, “This new technology will help organizations extract business insights and even create new service-based revenue streams from previously untapped machine data.” To read more about the other features the IoT solution software has to offer click here.

Life is On for Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric announced they are developing a global brand strategy referred to as, Life is On. The brand strategy is powered by Schneider Electric’s Operation Excellence (OpEx) methodology of the IoT, and the ever-changing ways of digitalization and automation across industries and people. The initiative is meant to better assist people and organizations transform their consumption of energy and automate business processes for higher levels of efficiency and increased quality.

The company has also partnered with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) to enhance advanced IoT solutions and adoption. The two organizations will work towards the vision of accelerating IoT adoptions and developing industry-specific frameworks for IoT adoption. To read more about Schneider Electric’s new initiatives click here.

ETQ: Quality vs. Advanced Technology

Great Scott, it was October 21st! Recognizing some of the technologies today from the infamous movie, Back to the Future, we’re left with the question; where are we with technology advancements in 2015? There self-driving cars in the works, and we have the ability automate the temperature in our homes when we’re still miles away. So, why haven’t we yet to see everything Back to the Future predicted?

ETQ identifies this question as an adjustment to change, and quality. The reason we haven’t seen people floating around on a hoverboard is because of the challenges industry leaders face while aligning quality management with risk management, and achieving Operational Excellence all at the same time. It seems you cannot have one without risking the others when attempting to manufacture mass amounts of advanced products, such as the hoverboard. To read more about why it will take more time to widely distribute advanced technologies while maintaining a healthy quality management system click here.

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