Target's IoT Vision & $14 Million Allcast Plant Expansion in WI [Roundup]

Target Visualizes the IoT in Open House Format

Big-box retailer Target has created a display center in San Francisco to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to life.

In the consumer product realm, it's difficult for potential customers to visualize and realize the value IoT can bring since it's intangible and invisible. Target has responded by creating a futuristic, "Open House" display at the Metreon center, complete with translucent acrylic walls and structures and various smart products that give consumers the opportunity to experience some of the IoT's potential.

And it's not temporary. This is actually the third iteration of Target's space, which will show different facets of smart product possibility by interacting with cultural institutions like the Superbowl and holidays. Said Target SF Experience Manager Patricia Adler, "We want the guest to learn and better understand what the connected home can be, and we want the startups and makers we’re working with to learn by interacting with consumers and with each other." To read more about the smartest house on the block, as Target is calling it, click here. International Certified Reliability Leader Workshop is conducting an international workshop to tackle asset maintenance certify attendees as Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL). The event is at the Hyatt Regency Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Tuesday, November 10th to Thursday, November 12th, 2015. The certification is designed to provide assessment and certify individuals who demonstrate an awareness of the integrated and interrelated reliability systems that are a critical part of Asset Performance Management (APM) best practices. During the workshop attendees will learn about the CRL though multiple training courses, games, and an exam to gain the CRL certification. To learn more about how you can become CRL accredited, click here.

Allcast $14 Million Expansion 

Allcast, a Wisconsin based aluminum die manufacturing company, is taking on a $14 million expansion. Due to the customer demand, the company is expanding the manufacturing plant to accommodate the needs of its business. The 29,000 square foot addition will welcome 88 new hire positions. With the expected economic impact being beneficial for Washington County, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) stated that Allcast will receive $350,000 in state tax credit over a four-year period of time. Mark Magnarini, the President and CEO of Allcast is very excited about the expansion and the support he’s received from the WEDC. “Wisconsin has always had a rich history in manufacturing, including tool and die and high-pressure die-casting, which has allowed Allcast to develop a very talented and dedicated team of people here,” said Magnarini. To read more on the expansion click here.

NUSwan Takes Over Singapore Waters

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has expressed its concern with the state of the water health in the urban community. To solve the problem of constantly monitoring fresh-bodied water, NUS researchers have created a low-cost and effective solution. By introducing NUSwan, the robotic swimming bird, researchers are able to collect data in real-time. The GPS guided robotic swan swims around and collects samples and data from the water. They are looking for the current status of health in the water and checking the levels of the pH, bacteria, contamination, and other concerns. The researchers rely on the smart connected swan to transmit data through the cloud, where they can later retrieve it to analyze the big data. To learn more about the smart fleet of swans taking over the reservoir in Singapore, visit the website click here.

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