Airbus Acquires Navtech & BMW is Fined $40M [Roundup]

Posted by Justine Holt on Sun, Jan 03, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

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APM_Centric_View_of_OpEx-3.jpgKKR Invests in APM Platform

Late last month, KKR, a global investment firm, announced a pursuit in investments and acquisitions. The key area of interest lays in the oil and gas industry, where the organization will create an asset performance management (APM) platform for global industry-use.It will be led by KKR’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Deepak Munganahalli, who is based out of Dubai.

Commenting on the announcement is LNS Research Principal Analyst, Dan Miklovic saying, “KKR’s announced investment plans validate the importance of APM in asset intensive industries. LNS Research’s survey data indicates the oil and gas sector is going to increase spend on APM even as energy prices remain depressed. KKR obviously sees the upside potential and growing importance of APM in ensuring a steady and profitable petroleum-based energy supply.” To read more on details of the announcement click here.

BMW Fined $40M

Due to defective manufacturing, BMW is suffering from recall violations followed by a $40M fine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation that discovered BMW North America violating a series of U.S regulations. The fines are a results of BMW failing to notify customers in a timely fashion to recall the Mini Cooper. The vehicle needed repairs because it did not pass the side-impact test.

In response to the penalties, BMW stated to be “committed to further improvising its recall processes to better serve its customers”, in addition, “respects the role of NHTSA and looks forward to working with them to develop solutions for the future.” To read more details pertaining to the fines click here.

Adidas to Revolutionize the Shoe

Adidas, the shoe company, released a statement in late 2015 that it will change the way in which it manufactures shoes. The company will be creating a new shoe that is partially manufactured from the ocean’s plastic, using 3D printing. Adidas has partnered with Parley for the Oceans to make this become a reality.

At COP21 in Paris, Parley for the Oceans brought to attention the global problem of ocean pollution. Eric Liedtke, Adidas Group Executive Board member said, “The industry can’t afford to wait for directions any longer.” He further stated, “The 3D-printed ocean plastic shoe midsole stands for how we can set new industry standards if we start questioning the reasons of what we create. We want to bring everyone from the industry to the table and create sustainable solutions for big global problems.” To read more on the ocean plastic shoe click here.

Airbus Acquires Navtech

Airbus SAS, a jet aircraft manufacturer has moved towards services driven manufacturing, indicated by the recent acquisition of Navtech, a fight operations services provider. According to Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst, smart connected assets are driving businesses to accelerate the development of service capabilities. Furthermore, Miklovic said to expect other manufacturers in other industries to be on the lookout for similar acquisitions or to develop organic capabilities that go beyond their traditional sweet-spot.

Commenting on the acquisition, Airbus CEO, Fabrice Brégier said, “The acquisition is further affirmation of Airbus’ digitalization and services growth strategies, and is a significant milestone to serve our existing and future customers.” To read more on transition click here.

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