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Posted by Mike Roberts on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

printed circuit board manufacturingEnterprise quality management software (EQMS) has changed the way many organizations look at quality management. By converging traditionally disparate business processes, it creates a unified information management system for managing quality. The LNS Research EQMS Solution Selection Guide provides a great first stop for executives interested in an implementation.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be blogging about vendors listed within the publication, touching briefly on strengths, weaknesses, functionalities, industries served, technology architectures, and more. The information provided is based on a number of briefings with vendors as well as our own analyses of the market.

This week, we’ll be discussing the EQMS functionalities of Plex Systems, a vendor largely known for its Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

A Brief Overview of Plex Systems

Plex Systems’ Service as a Software (SaaS) solution allows for process interoperability across business units. Its integrated suite, Plex Online, offers strong coverage in Manufacturing Operations Management as well as EQMS. The EQMS is generally delivered as part of the integrated Cloud ERP solution, but for larger customers, it can be delivered stand-alone.

With its ability to integrate multiple processes across the value chain, Plex Systems’ solution centralizes data to increase communication and visibility throughout the product lifecycle. The solutions has a number of EQMS functionalities, showing strength in corrective and preventive actions management, inspection data collection, statistical process control, control plan management, process routings, and failure modes and effects analysis among others.

Plex Systems has a strong understanding of managing quality beyond compliance. The solution has strength in serving small-to-medium sized discrete manufaturers in the automotive, aerospace and defence, industrial equipment, and precision metal-formers. In recent years Plex Systems has moved up the market to serve larger customers as well as into other verticals, including aerospace, electronics, and food and beverage.

Although it’s not a pure-play EQMS vendor, the solution is strong at managing quality while also offering compatible coverage in ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management. Plex Systems’ cloud-based solution is a cost-effective way to implement an EQMS while minimizing set-up time and investment.

A Deeper Look at Plex Systems

For a more extensive overview of Plex Systems, read LNS Research’s EQMS Solution Selection Guide. It covers industries served, specific functionalities included with its EQMS, company sizes served, geographies covered, technology delivery platforms, and technology delivery models. The guide also breaks down the vendor’s central attributes by total coverage areas, areas of strength, and areas of emerging strength.

Reviewing the analysis of Plex Systems alongside the other 17 vendors covered, executives can take a comparative approach to selecting an EQMS solution. They will have everything needed to produce a shortlist of potential EQMS vendors for their organization’s implementation. More quality management software vendor write-ups can be found on our site as well.

If you are currently using or considering Plex Systems’s software, we would like to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to reach us by email at

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