Chinese Manufacturers Implement PLM, Competition Promotes Corporate Sustainability, and other industrial news

This week's article compilation includes noteworthy discussions on product lifecycle management software (PLM), the increase in corporate sustainability reporting, best practices for implementing manufacturing operations management (MOM), and material sustainability in advanced manufacturing.

Chinese Manufacturers Use PLM to Drive Higher Value

A recent publication from PTC discusses the changing Chinese manufacturing industry from a slightly different perspective than normally mentioned. It’s well-known that China is no longer a lost-cost manufacturing hub due to increases in labor wages and an appreciating currency, which has sparked support for reshoring.  Simultaneously, China has the ability to use their skilled workforce and network of suppliers to develop innovative products and gain market share while serving their own growing consumer population. This article highlights the success that some companies are experiencing through implementing product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. Read more.

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Ratings and Rankings: How competition promotes corporate sustainability

Last week GreenBiz discussed the effects that sustainability benchmarking and rankings have on an organization through the promotion of change. The five-fold increase in the past decade in the field of rankings and ratings is largely influenced by stakeholder pressure and smarter consumers. Christopher Thomas and Sara Corrigan aren’t simply talking about checking a box, but encouraging a deep dive into overall operations, nurturing innovation, and demanding continuous improvement in order for full reflection on internal and external impacts. Competition breeds progress.

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describe the imageManufacturing Operations Management Best Practices Guide 

LNS Research has officially launched the Manufacturing Operations Management Research Library. This practice, led by Principal Analyst Mark Davidson, examines how innovative new approaches to the complex landscape of MOM are being addressed in order to provide unprecedented new gains in productivity, quality, responsiveness, risk mitigation and economic value generation. The Best Practices Guide acts as a foundation for this research practice, establishing a framework for companies to align their people, architect systems, and processes to achieve market leading performance in a rapidly evolving space. Access guide.

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Anthony Ku and Steven Duclos: A Manufacturer’s Perspective on Material Sustainability

The first in a series of GE Global Research articles discussing material sustainability [usage of increasingly scares raw materials in a sustainable manner] and advanced manufacturing. Ku and Duclos provide insight into the five point strategy system that is used at GE to address the challenge of material sustainability; seeking to stabilize supply while reducing demand on manufacturing operations. From a high-level perspective, this five step strategy includes diversifying the supply-chain, highlighting improvement opportunities, introducing recycling technology, developing substitute materials, and reassessing the entire procedure. GE’s material sustainability strategy.

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