6 Sigma at Work and 3D in Class: Improvements Are Everywhere

six sigmaOften spurred forward by technological advances, improvements in efficiency and quality really can be seen almost anywhere, even in a high school classroom.

In this week's round up, we explore the ways that a Six Sigma initiative can improve quality at many different levels of your business, some good indicators of when it may make sense to integrate your quality processes, and how social media is streamlining the the way manufacturing quality intelligence is approached. Even the kids are getting in on all of these advancements, as we explore how 3D Printing is set to alter shop class forever. 

6 Ways Six Sigma Can Transform Your Business

Six Sigma is a set of strategies, technologies, and tools needed for successful process improvement initiatives. Six Sigma aims to improve all quality processes by identifying and/or removing the origins of error (defect) and by minimizing variability within the manufacturing and business processes. Apriso offers six ways that Six Sigma can transform your business: increased productivity, cost reduction, improved market share, greater competitive advantage, waste reduction, and increased employee satisfaction. Click here for full article.

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7 Signs You Need Integrated Quality Management Processes

Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) has been playing a critical role within the quality management realm. EQMS eliminates traditional silos by creating a central hub to promote a collaborative environment for addressing issues across the entire product lifecycle. More and more companies are moving toward this approach and, if you're looking for ways to improve your quality department, this article is for you. Michael Rapaport of IQS provides seven signs, from customers to parts to operating margins, that illustrate a need for integrated processes. Read more.

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3D Printing Comes to the Classroom

The days of shop classes involving the manual labor of building a canoe, constructing an ardirondack chair, or working on cars seem to be a mere memory compared to the advanced curriculum of today’s youth. Due to increasing technology capabilities, kids are now familiar with CAD and PLM software in junior high school and 3D printing is guaranteed to be implemented in the classroom. According to a recent PTC article, GADGETS3D has introduced a small-sized, low cost device that is intended for the use in classrooms, small businesses, and individual consumer homes. It doesn’t just stop there, cell phone applications ensure remote printing. Access this article.

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Tapping into Social Media’s Gold Mine of Product Quality Information

It’s no secret that social media has drastically changed the way that consumers interact with each other, but it has also affected their buying behaviors and the way companies interact with customers as well. What does this social media model mean for quality management departments going forward? Mike Roberts provides an interesting look into how social media is allowing executives to capture quality intelligence, and how social media outlets are starting to transform closed-loop quality processes. Read more.

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