[Infographic] 6 Steps to Reposition Quality to Gain Executive Sponsorship

Posted by Dan Jacob on Thu, Sep 22, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

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Earlier this year, LNS published the core of its executive business case for quality research, which delivered strategies, frameworks, and data to plan, gain, and nurture executive sponsorship for quality. Executive sponsorship is the key to improving quality maturity, because it results in funding, cross-functional engagement and Operational Excellence improvements needed to help companies achieve differentiation.

The infographic below explains why quality needs to build the executive business case, and the six steps to achieving executive sponsorship.LNS_ExecutiveBusinessCaseforQualityCROP.pngLNS_ExecutiveBusinessCaseforQualityFINAL.png

Don't forget to download the companion eBook!Building a Business Case eBook

Tags: Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)