NIST to Fund Manufacturing Innovations & IoT Acquisitions Galore!

Posted by Justine Holt on Sun, Dec 27, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

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IIoT_Platform-2.jpgPTC & Kepware Become One

PTC has announced the acquisition of Kepware for an approximate $100 million plus $18 million in earn outs. LNS Research has been working with both firms on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy and is happy to see the marriage. Commenting on the acquisition is LNS Research President and Principal Analyst, Matt Littlefield saying, “PTC continues to make technology portfolio based acquisitions, which is refreshing in a world where many technology firms are trying to buy market shares or customers with acquisitions.”

Littlefield continues, “Connectivity in the industrial space cntinues to be a limiting factor for IIoT adoption and Kepware addresses this challenge nicely, especially with the recent IIoT innovations the company has built into its traditional products. Moving forward we expect to see Kepware continue to deliver novel connectivity capabilities for the IIoT and should help PTC continue to be a market leader in the IIoT Platform build out race, as well as continue to move into the Connected Factory space.” To read more on the acquisition and how key components of Kepware’s IIoT server will now play a role in PTC’s IIoT platform click here.

The Dürr-iTac Acquisition

Dürr acquired iTac, the German Industry 4.0 specialist software organization earlier this month. Dürr, a global mechanical and plant engineering firm, plans to take further initiatives with the acquisition of iTac and build up its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) field.

The software acquired from iTac has the capability to collect Big Data in large quantities and manage the data accordingly. Collecting the data from smart connected operating machines allows real-time data storage and analysis. Using this system, while utilizing the Industry 4.0 as a key player, Dürr will be able to extend MES activities and improve its existing MES software platform, EcoEMOS. To read more on the transactions and the planned initiatives with the acquired iTac software click here.

NIST Intends to Fund Manufacturing Innovation Institutes

NIST, or the National Institute of Standards and Technology, announced a Notice of Intent to fund two manufacturing innovation facilities. The funding would be a part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).

NNMI collaborates industry manufacturing research and academic studies to solve real industry problems. Each Institute for Manufacturing Innovation has a common goal, but focuses in different industries. The U.S Department of Commerce’s NIST intends to fund each of the two institutes with $70 million over a course of five to seven years. To find out about the announcement and how NIST will determine the receiving institutions click here.

Accenture Extends IIoT Consulting with Cimation

Accenture, a consulting service organization, has acquired the progressive IIoT and information technology (IT) consulting company, Cimation. With Cimation, Accenture sees an opportunity to expand its end-to-end services to industrial customer.

Asset intensive industries like oil & gas and mining and metals are going to be key early-adopters of IIoT technologies. Accenture’s acquisition of Cimation will increase its capability to serve customers in asset intensive industries according to LNS Research Principal Analyst, Dan Miklovic. Commenting on the acquisition, Miklovic said, “The oil & gas industry has been an early adopter of IIoT and, with low oil prices today, clearly recognize that IIoT technology will provide the tools to drive productivity and keep the industry viable during these down periods.” To read more on the acquisition and Accenture’s plans to move further in the IIoT consulting space click here.

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