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PTC Expands IoT Platform & Emerson on Launches Project Certainty [Roundup]

Emerson Launches Reversal Project

Emerson Process Management’s System and Solution business recognized the time, money, and effort wasted when organizations were reaching to meet their goals. Poor quality manangement is shown when billions of dollars are wasted every year on oil and gas exploration, gas processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more industry specific processes. Emerson mapped out that nearly 65% of projects that spend $1 billion budget do not succeed. Furthermore, organizations that work on these projects exceed the budget by 25%, and 50% do not finish according to schedule.

Launching Project Certainty will help organizations prioritize and work more efficiently towards goals. This is done by engaging companies’ engineering and design planning in the early stages. By doing this, Project Certainty helps define project goals, and assists in spearheading strategies to achieve those goals. Emerson President, Jim Nyquist believes the software can help organizations reduce, and ultimately reverse, the wasted time and effort companies spent on expensive projects. “In order to achieve game-changing performance in project, it will take a truly transformative and comprehensive approach like Project Certainty,” said Nyquist. To read more about how Project Certainty is going to transform quality management for industry-leaders click here.

Dell Acquires EMC

Everyone has heard about the largest tech deal in history that occurred this past week. Dell and partners acquired EMC, the cloud, big data, and IT security company, for $67 billion. What sparks the interest of many is the value of Dell before the acquisition, where it was estimated around $25 billion. EMC will no long be considered a publically traded company and is now private to Dell. VMware, which was the biggest part of EMC, will continue to be a publically traded unlike its parent company. A statement from EMC claimed this transaction will make Dell the world’s largest privately controlled, integrated technology company.

The CEO of EMC, Joe Tucci, will retire his 15 year career with EMC upon the acquisition. Tucci has attempted to retire on multiple occasions, but felt compelled to stay due to the lack of eligible candidates to take over.  The acquisition is expected to close within the first half of 2016. To read more about how shareholders will be affected, and the transition click here.

PTC Expands with Vuforia & Technology

Early this week, PTC made a statement that it has acquired Vuforia, the most advanced augmented reality (AR) technology platform available in the industry, for $65 million. The platform, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, can be easily adopted into any organization; increasing its value.

Upon the acquisition, PTC will obtain the developer ecosystem included in Vuforia. It will continue the investment in Vuforia, the award winning platform. Vuforia is a mobile platform that enables applications to see and connect the physical world with the digital experiences. Working together, PTC and Vuforia will be able to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) to combine the digital space with people all around the world to interact with products and designs. To read more about the open possibilities with the acquisition click here.

U.S Announced as Hannover Messe Partner Country

Hannover Fairs USA President, Larry Turner, announced that the United States will be the Partner country for the Hannover Messe event, held April 25-29, 2016. The event expects over 200,000 guests coming from more than 100,000 countries. The U.S holds the place as the ninth largest economy in the manufacturing sector. Many are thrilled at the opportunity, but even more so, the possibilities.

Antwaun Griffin, deputy assistant secretary for U.S operations in the U.S Commerce Department International Trade Automation commented on the opportunity 2016 holds for the U.S manufacturing industry. “The Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 are catch phrases, but it’s nice to get out and see it in action.” To read more of the specific details involving the United States as the Partner Country, and the advances happening in manufacturing click here.

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