Aerospace Invests in 3D Printing & Nexus Global Expands [Roundup]

OSHA Concerns Pennsylvania

Many individuals and organizations face OSHA and regulations and most of the time require an OSHA certification when working in the corresponding environment. OSHA has been known to shut down companies for violations and poor environmental, health, and safety systems.

Although, it’s been reported that close to 9,500 unconventional oil wells have been dug in Pennsylvania since 2004, and OSHA has only inspected 254. Records reveal that the U.S. Department of Labor division inspected some of the site multiple times, while others were not inspected at all. It also shows that the year with the most inspections were conducted in 2010. This type of EHS management is concerning for an industry. While nearly 3% of sites have been inspected, the remaining 97% may interpret the lax behavior of OSHA inspections as a way to increase production with little worry about regulations. That being said, with all of the gained attention the oil and gas industry has received, we may start to see more inspection blitzes from OSHA. To read more about the OSHA inspection concern in Pennsylvania click here.

Nexus Global Acquires OMCS International of Australia

The global asset performance management solutions provider, Nexus Global, has announced that it acquired the asset and business Operations & Maintenance Consulting Services Pty. Ltd. (OMCS International) of Melbourne, Australia. OMSC International has been serving asset intensive industries globally for over 19 years.

Nexus Global feels the acquisition of the company will complement what it already does. The combination of the two companies' existing systems will be able to pursue providing solutions and methodologies to drive lower costs and asset operation. Steve Turner, Founder of OMCS International commented on the acquisition, “OMCS is very pleased to become part of the Nexus Global family. Our two companies have a very complimentary solutions portfolio and history of success serving and satisfying our customers’ Asset Performance Management requirements.” To read more on how OMCS International’s system will be integrated into Nexus Global click here.

Manufacturing Facility Accepts $1.4M Grants

Many organizations are trying to further the interest of millennials in the manufacturing industry, including Florida Institute of Technology. The U.S. Economic Development Administration gave the Florida Institute of Technology a $1.4 million grant in order for the facility to excel the production of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID). 

In an announcement, the institute stated it is using the facility to advance the capabilities of U.S. in next-generation manufacturing. The goal paired with the new facility is for students to gain exposure the latest technologies and integrate them into the manufacturing design that will encourage new designs in the industry. To find out more about the initiatives taken by Florida Institute of Technology click here.

Aerospace Takes on 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has been on the rise in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical, and manufacturing. Recently, additive manufacturing has made a huge leap in the aerospace industry. Airbus has crafted the Flying Test Bed A380, an aircraft that will take flight in late 2015, will feature the largest civil aero-engine component ever built through additive manufacturing.

Airbus isn’t the only company benefiting from 3D printing. General Electric announced that they will be using additive manufacturing to improve the quality of fuel nozzles they currently manufacture. The improved nozzles will feature more durable qualities, and be 25% lighter than the original. The $50 million additive manufacturing plant will be the first in the world to mass-produce aero-engine components in this style of manufacturing. To read more about the developments Airbus is making to their aircrafts, or what GE holds for the future of additive manufacturing click here

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