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Industry-Specific Manufacturing Software with Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk

Manufacturing Operations ManagementThere’s a set of high-level best practices to the implementation of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software and processes across the manufacturing industries at large. Generally, it makes sense to integrate MOM, enterprise/business systems, and industrial automation applications in order to foster areas of communication throughout the value chain, and eliminate information disconnects wherever possible. It is also typically a best practice to roll-out a solution over time, beginning with a single plant to ensure operational effectiveness and prove ROI.

But there are also distinct needs specific to subvertical industries, like automotive, oil & gas, or food & beverage, created by different production methodologies, regulations, supplier relationships, etc. And while MOM software and its broad capabilities are well established on a global scale, the space is rapidly evolving. In addition to emerging technological mega-trends like mobile, big data, and cloud capabilities, manufacturing software solutions today are increasingly being tailored to the needs of these and other industries.  

In the spirit of adding education and clarity to the MOM software space, LNS Research has published its MOM Software Solution Selection Guide. The guide includes detailed write-ups of 20 top vendors in the MOM space by key strengths and attributes, and has been a critical resource for manufacturing executives considering an implementation.

Over the past several months we’ve been highlighting a different solution provider from the guide. This week it’s Rockwell Automation, a longtime player in industrial automation and information, based in Milwaukee, WI.

An Overview of Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Manufacturing Software Approach

Rockwell Automation has an extensive history in the industrial automation and information market space, with a large distribution and system integration network for serving customers around the world. Rockwell’s FactoryTalk information software portfolio enables manufacturers to better visualize and gain insight into production operations, analyze and monitor sources of inefficiencies, poor quality or downtime, as well as provide standardized workflows and procedures to optimize production operations.

The company’s MOM software offerings include FactoryTalk ProductionCentre as the core MES system and FactoryTalk Batch for managing recipes using ISA 88 standards, along with a comprehensive set of FactoryTalk EMI offerings, including Historian, Metrics, Transaction Manager, and VantagePoint EMI. These offerings use the common FactoryTalk Services Platform to unify communications and security, and to simplify integration efforts. The platform also supports open industry standards to allow integration with other systems and applications.

The company has created Industry Operations Management Suites for the Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Life Sciences industries, which contain industry-specific best practices cultivated over years of customer project experience in both information and automation. The industry MOM functionality covers the applicable facets required by each respective market. Rockwell executives indicated that this is an area of continued refinement and investment, with the goals of making it easier and faster for customers to obtain better performance and quality management.

The company currently has one of the largest sets of MOM solution partners, with 300 recognized systems integration partners, 41 of which have been audited to ensure they have provided proven results on MOM projects using Rockwell Software. Rockwell has a huge installed base of industrial automation customers. They also have done a good job of integrating their information and automation portfolio, and LNS Research hopes to see continued investment in extending its software services platform into the next-generation MOM collaboration and integration platform that fits our vision of where the marketplace is headed.

Diving Deeper into FactoryTalk and Rockwell Automation’s Software Solution Approach

For more information on Rockwell Automation, its strategy, solution strengths, and other attributes, be sure to take a look at our MOM Solution Selection Guide, accessible below. The guide provides an overview of Rockwell and other vendors in the MOM landscape based on criteria such as specific company sizes served, software functionalities, industry strengths, geographic footprint, time to solution value, and more. The Guide also breaks down Rockwell’s core attributes by current and emergence strengths and full coverage areas.

LNS Research Manufacturing Operations Management Solution Selection Guide

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