You've Probably Heard of Smart Cars, but Smart Roads? [ROUNDUP]

Google and its fleet of driverless "smart cars" have captured most of the attention in the future vision of car transportation, but there's another piece to the puzzle that may far outpace these next-generation vehicles, and it's already beginning today: Smart roads.

Using IoT capabilities to connect sensors in traffic lights with motion detectors, pilot programs have already shown results of cutting down red-light times, total driving time, and emissions. In this week's roundup, we look deeper into how smart roads will transform travel. We also look into the importance of traceability, tips on ERP implementation, and why interpretting a metric incorrectly is worse than having no metric in the first place. 

quality management in manufacturingTrack Parts and Materials on the Fly

Handling and logistics may not be the most recognized aspect of a manufacturing process; however, they are a vital component of product development. When it comes to product quality and traceability, superior material handling and logistical processes are essential for improvement initiatives and overall organizational success. Stephanie Neil, industry writer, discusses how manufacturers are looking at traditional product tracking techniques, such as RFID and image-based technologies, and how a competitive edge can be gained. Read more…

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9 Tips for Selecting and Implementing an ERP System

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a hefty investment, not only in a monetary sense but also in terms of allocating resources (people) and time. More often than not companies also struggle to come up with short- and long-term plans for effectively using the newly deployed system. With the assistance from many change management experts, CIO came up with an ERP selection and implementation tip sheet. 9 hints for success…

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Move Over Smart Cars, Smart Roads Are Here

Earlier this year, we covered Google’s announcement of piloting 100 self-driving cars deemed "smart cars." While this advancement is expected not only change the American car culture as we've known it, the streets themselves will be transforming. Unlike driverless cars, smart roads and the changes accompanied with them are much less noticeable, often times flying under the radar. To learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to reshape this infrastructure and essentially optimizes the driving experience: click here.

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A Metric Misused or Misunderstood Is Worse than No Metric at All

In a previous post, Principal Analyst Dan Miklovic discussed how OEE can be an excellent tool but it is often misunderstood and therefore misused. Statements like that beg the question, What are the risks of misusing metrics? Miklovic provides tips on the danger of metrics, the danger of people and metrics, this danger of misunderstood metrics, and even provides the top three misuses of metrics. Read more…

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 manufacturing metrics that really matter

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